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We have been in this pine nut business for quite some time and as Americans we take pride in our homeland and the vast natural resources found in our country. Of all the many things pine nuts is nothing new. It is understood that on this continent of North America, that the Native American Indians took much devotion towards harvesting this tiny seed for the winter and more scarce seasons so that they would have means of food during the scantly times. It is commonly taught by natives that mother-nature (God) will favor nature with a good seasons crop when it is more severe in the winters to provide for the animals and man kind. You might guess that this is a way to test the people if they will give heed to the signs of the season and prepare for the worst and best. However you see it, the facts have left many in aww as to why a very cold year happens to bring forth (or around that time) a good and bountiful, natural and wild crop? Well, just look on the bright side. Scientist always say that the cultures in different terrains eat different foods and that the edible plants and most commonly hunted and eaten animals in any given area of the globe seem to all provide one very common and important thing to man kind. What is that? Well, its NUTRITION! I’m sure you’ve thought of it before right? Why do coconuts filled with essentials oils that help the skin prevent sun burns grow in the tropics, where interestingly enough the sun effects many unprepared tourist year round. Why do the Eskimos fancy the meat and wear the hides of seals and deer and elk etc? Whether or not you know that answer, one thing for certain is that the proteins and fat in those meats are well loaded with the same nutrients that keep the Eskimos nice and thick skinned and healthily fat and warm. Well, it’s all the same with pine nuts health and nutritional benefits. You see harvesting pine nut seeds alone is a workout, but when your cold and deficient on certain fats the body needs to keep and maintain body heat, you’ll be thankful you worked hard to pick pine nuts. You’ll realize, like the natives years ago who lived off the land, that pine nut oil gives many health benefits to those consuming it, more particularly on a regular basis like our native friends.

Alright, so the above brings us back to the pine nut harvest traditions of our native ancestors. In those days each family was accustomed to harvesting an allotted amount that would last them well throughout the entire season. You should know that this seed was not just eaten as a snack, but it was used in making flour, bread, soups, food paste and a food similar to mush and surprisingly enough, much more. There are many recipes that the natives used there pine nuts in. Now-a-days many popular and fancy cuisine is famous for there addition of pine nuts, although we know that in the European and Eastern Hemisphere of the globe that these nuts have literally always been very popular. This seed contains so much calories, up to 20 calories per seed, that many people fear that they will gain excess amount of weight from there addiction to this seed. Although we say addiction in a “modern joking” way, there is no actual addiction, necessarily speaking. It turns out the body craves these essential oils found in pine nuts. The truth is, that the more raw pine nuts you eat, the better your chances are in losing any excess weight. Why? Because, the oils they contain actually remove toxins and inhibits the destructive effects of oxidation in the body, allowing for healthier cell function and reproduction. So to sum that all up, no one should ever worry about gaining bad weight from eating too much raw pine nuts.

However, varying from the previous mentioned above, roasting pine nuts on the other hand changes the chemistry of the pine nuts depending on if you cook them with oil, water, butter etc. But than again, just like with other foods, its not always the actual produce that does harm, it’s the way we prepare it. Fortunately, WholeSale Pine Nuts does not add any extra ingredients to our All Natural and Wild Harvested Pine Nuts. If we roast them, we don’t add anything to them either, only for the exception of a few personal requests that have asked for salt on there pine nuts. Other than that, Just SMILE and be happy, our pine nuts and piñon are 100% natural straight from the tree (not floor). Our cleaning process is superior and second-to-none. No one in the American Pine Nut industry can compare to our process of cleaning and preparing pine nuts for customers! For us, there is no such thing as a pine nut substitution, especially when our prices are as cheap as they get (compared to online conditions). The way we offer our seeds online for such a great price and price as for quality, we are surprised we are not sold out faster. Although the economy has a huge part to do with it this season (2012). Our company offers fresh pine nuts for sale. It doesn’t matter if you decide to buy bulk or if you want to order just one pound. This product is available daily when in stock and according to inventory.

This article is just one example of how pine nuts nutrition and its health information can relate to and benefit our daily lives.