Storing and Roasting Pine Nuts and Piñon Nuts Instructions below.

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Cooking in Oven or on Stove:

Stove Roasting - No Salt
Place pine nuts on a frying pan. Add a couple of sprinkles of water with your hands. Stir them on high heat until they begin to pop. Remove from fying pan so not to burn. You're all done.

Stove Roasting - With Salt
Place pine nuts on a frying pan on high heat. Stir them until they begin to pop. Once they are popping add 1/8 cup of water and begin to stir them mixing in the desired salt until they become dry and begin to pop again. Once completely dry remove them from frying pan so not to burn. All set!

Oven Roasting
1. Place nuts evenly on a foil covered pan.
   (Optional) For salt: mix in 1-3 tbsp. of water with desired amount of salt.
2. Preheat oven to 350º F.
3. Cook pine nuts in oven at 350º F for ten minutes or until they begin to pop.
4. Mix pine nuts/piñon as they pop. Idea: The trick is to only mix them when the pop.
5. Sample them until you get them the way you like them.

Now Turn off oven and Remove pan and let it cool. Enjoy!

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Standard Storage Instructions :

No matter the variety of Pine Nut or Piñon, as with any nut, in order to preserve there Freshness they must be stored properly. Because they are sold fresh and have moisture in them still they need to "breathe". For that reason, store them in a Ventilated, Dry and Cool location.

Some nuts such as the Nevada Soft Shell Pine Nuts are more fragile then others due to the large amount of moisture inside them. These nuts when stored in any type of air-tight or sealed container like a plastic bag, sealed can or a sealed plastic food container will rapidly go sour. This is something we can guarantee if they are not properly cared for.  Also, if you do not plan on eating them right away they will dry up and loose weight unless frozen.

Freezing Pine Nuts and Piñon Instructions :

If you do not plan on eating your pine nuts immediately or within the first few weeks upon receiving them and if you wish to save them for several months you can use these freezing instructions. These instructions will help to maintain the freshness of your Pine Nuts and Piñon for as long as you wish (we recommend no longer than 6 months, but truly they can be kept frozen for much longer and maintain their freshness).


1   Place pine nuts / piñon in a small one-serving bag or container to avoid freezing and unfreezing as you would meats.
2   Put nuts in container that can be sealed (zip-loc bag recommended).
3    Vacuum pack or remove air and seal tightly (vacuum pack optional, however, remove all air for best results).
4   Place bag or container in freezer (make sure temperature is at least at freezing).
           You're All Set!

Now whenever you want to eat them set them to defrost or warm up a little and enjoy.

Note:  Once the Pine Nuts / Piñon are defrosted they should be eaten or roasted within 3 days.

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