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About WholeSale Pine Nuts .com

Since the 1950’s our American family owned and operated business has evolved greatly in many ways, especially with new ideas on how to bring to you this wonderful product, called pine nut. We have developed innovative ideas that brought forth some great inventions which allow us to bring to you natures pure and clean product without any ingredients added to it. Through much hard and difficult experiences we found out that adding any ingredients of any kind to this product distorts its natural state and degrades the most wonderful flavor that this product has to offer. We are grateful for our diligent hard work over the last five decades allowing us to provide our product to you in this way.

Five decades ago our family began harvesting a few thousand pounds of pine nuts a year. We proceeded by delivering pine nuts to different markets and receiving mail and telephone orders from various places around the country; which we continue with this practice today. In the mid 90’s some of our associates began to offer pine nuts on the world wide web. This resulted with our decision in the spring of 2003 to begin learning and experiencing how to market them on the web for ourselves under the name of LeBaron Pine Nuts (www.pine-nut.com). This continued for four progressive years when in 2007 we began to offer them under the name of WholeSale PineNuts.com, which we believed was the most appropriate name for us as we have always believed in wholesale prices to the public.

Today, with the help of this powerful tool called the world wide web (www), we are reaching all of North America and we intend and hope in the near future to reach the entire globe; as we are getting much interest from all other continents. Our Joy and Pride is with America and Americans and as our priority we intend to supply them with there needs and wants before other countries. Any surplus will be offered to other places. As a family business we always satisfy our customers 100% in all there requests. We intend to continue with this tradition in our business throughout the next century and to keep providing high quality pine nuts at wholesale prices directly to you.

By you bringing one customer to us it saves in advertising, reducing our overhead and helping keep prices low. Good wishes to all our current and potential customers. We hope you enjoy our product as much as we have enjoyed them for over five decades.