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Its is well understood that the American and Native North American Pine Nuts and Pinon Nuts are of the most renown species of the pine nut varieties throughout the world market. The Pinon or pinion for its amazing and bursting flavor and the Nevada Soft Shell Pine Nuts for its ease in shell and rich taste for the average consumer. Pignoli and pinoli are the same type of nuts, however there shape varies due to the species of tree they are harvested from, just as with all varieties of pine nuts and pinon. The name "pinoli" when referring to the seed or nut arrives from its Italian dialect and pronunciation just as the Spanish and Mexican Pinon or traditionally and correctly spelled "piñon" from the pinon or pinion pine trees of Mexico, the USA New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona, as well as the Portugalian tall species of pine trees producing the pinon, piñon and or pinion.

We should not say the least about the Chinese and Russian species of pine tree of pine nut trees. Lets not forget about the Afghanistan pine nuts that ranks high in the worldwide market on exporting there natural harvested product. Wholesale pine nuts offers these nature grown pine nuts both in shell and without shell or with no shell raw and roasted for our customers convenience. Pine Nuts eaten raw contain more health benefits and because there nutrition remains stable and unadulterated. Pine Nuts eaten freshly straight from being removed from within the shell contain more raw nutrients than those pine nuts that have already been exposed to the air after being shelled. However, nutrition is still contained within either pine nuts option for eating. When eating the Pine nut or pinon roasted, whether it is American or a Pignolia or Pinoli from abroad, most of the nutritional oils and contents are removed in the heating process. Although roasted pine nuts or pinoli and pignolia will taste great, they will never, in there natural state, have as must nutrients as the raw type of pine nuts.

It is, to much benefit, that when deciding upon which type or species of pine nuts to order that you consider your reason for ordering the pine nuts. For all you looking into buying or picking pine nuts to consume for health reason, whether due to a doctor recommend or a diet plan, healthy recipe or whether for a healthy snack, we suggest you chose the pine nuts that are raw, since they taste great and the benefits can really show throughout a short period of time. Eating raw pine nuts on a regularly or daily basis can clear your skin, help with digestion, assist in teeth whitening, and is said to improve vision. Some customers of our will specifically eat our pine nuts for these exactly reasons, knowing that they make an amazing and nutritious snack. Pine Nuts are by far on the top of the list of seeds and or nuts world wide when comparing mass to healthily Omega oils. Let pine nuts be a part of your healthy diet and understand that pinoli, pignolia, pinon piñon, pinon or whatever you'd like to call them, can make a healthy impact in your meals and snacks.