Please follow the instructions below to insure that your pine nuts maintain there freshest taste and to preserve there quality. If the following steps are not taken your product can quickly lose its great taste and quality. We cannot be held responsible for all our customers lack of care. REMEMBER this product is PERISHABLE if instructions are not followed!

Storing your pine nuts up to 2 more months:

1) Make sure they can breathe. Place in bowl, paper bag, gunnysack bag, netted bag, or in something where they can receive good air-circulation.
2.) Store in cool, dry place! May need to be mixed every now and than to allow fresher air-circulation. For pine nuts that your receiving past January of any given season we recommend you freeze them, however, they should last fresh for several weeks upon receiving them from us.

1) Pack them in small zip-lock bags by drawing out as much air as possible. Vacuum-packed is best.
2.) Freeze immediately.
Note: The idea is to avoid as much as possible the instance of freezing and unfreezing this product repeatedly. The best way is to package (freeze) them in small amounts as your average recipe requires.

By you ordering this product you agree to the perishable warning above and to the return policy stated below.

Return Policy:
Due to the fact that this is a food product we can only except refunds if the package and product arrives damaged. Take photo and contact us immediately for return instructions. Returns cannot be accepted if product was purchased by accident or if you change your mind. Please make sure you are familiar with the product you are purchasing. Make certain to track the package and anticipate its arrival.

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Shelled pine nuts are one of the most delightful snacks and ingredients for special recipes around. However, due to the raise in prices for most all common livelihood goods prices have skyrocketed for shelled pine nuts on the international market. WholeSale Pine Nuts has done its best to keep prices low on our shelled or no shell pine nuts variety, making us very completive on the American market. Due to the recent small harvest in America for pine nuts and pinon in general and scarcity of crop and labor for (such intense labor ) the American pine nuts and pinon we have found it difficult to keep our original low prices for pine nuts and shelled pine nuts.

American pignoli and pinoli have been rare in recent years due to the harshness of the weather in the summer months leading to a harvest in the Fall season. Shelled pine nuts also raise the issue of additional labor for shelling this commodity which is quite costly and time consuming here in America. We are able to keep prices low in comparison to our other shelled pine nuts, pignoli, pinoli and pinon/piñon competitors because we work together as a family to bring quality shelled pine nuts and do not profit much on such endeavors. Our business ethics as a pine nut harvesting family is to keep prices as reasonably affordable for all pine nut varieties that we carry, including the Nevada Soft Shell Pine Nuts and American Shelled Raw Pine Nuts.

We have been the first in the market to successfully and publicly offer Fresh American Shelled Raw Pine Nuts. We use a special technique when handling our shelled pine nuts (no shell pine nuts) to insure that they are cracked and shipped to our customers with guaranteed quality. The American shelled pine nuts we offer the only of its type on the market as of today, March 28th, 2011, and we continue to strive and improve our techniques when handling all our shelled pine nuts (no shell pine nuts) and in shell pine nuts.

Shelled Pinoli and Shelled Pignoli are just another name for our shelled pine nuts and no shell pine nuts. The pignoli or pignolia and pinoli name is derived from the Italian form of speaking the word “pine nuts”. Shelled Pine nuts and Shelled pignoli or shelled pinoli rank high in many markets around the world as a popular and fast growing commodity. It is most recent that demand for lower prices have reached consumers of shelled pine nuts and shelled pignoli or shelled pinoli. Prices for this commodity have at least quadrupled in the last 4 years. In other areas where shelled pine nuts, or no shell pine nuts, and shelled pignoli and pinoli are popular we have seen prices almost six or seven times there price 5 years ago.

Our business will continue to strive and offer American Shelled Pine Nuts and American Shelled Pignoli/Pinoli nuts at the most affordable and reasonable prices possible in staying with our business edict Shelled Pine nuts can be found anywhere, however quality American Shelled Pine Nuts can only currently be found in one place, and that is where we come in. We hope when looking for no shell pine nuts, especially American no shell pine nuts, that you will try our product out for yourself and see why we are ahead in the market for quality shelled pine nuts.