Privacy Policy:

We at WholeSale Pine Nuts.com have the utmost respect for our customers' privacy. In no way will we violate this philosophy. We will not release any information gathered about our customers.

Any information that we gather from our visitors will be compiled anonymously and used solely for our statistical purposes. The statistical information we gather from our users will be used to help us enhance the shopping experience for our customers.

Any privacy concerns should be directed to contact@wholesalepinenuts.com; we take all privacy concerns very seriously and will respond appropriately and quickly. Our customers have been our number one priority since the 1950's and will continue to be our first priority, now and for the future.

And we too hate receiving junk and unsolicited mail, so we will never ever give your e-mail address to anyone!

Perishable Warning:

- In Shell Pine Nuts:

Please follow the instructions below to insure that your pine nuts maintain there freshest taste and to preserve there quality. If the following steps are not taken your product can quickly lose its great taste and quality. We cannot be held responsible for all our customers lack of care. REMEMBER this product is PERISHABLE and can spoil quickly if instructions are not followed IMMEDIATELY upon your packages arrival! No refunds or exchanges are guaranteed if product is not cared for immediately as mentioned below. Product must be removed from packaging immediately upon it's arrival at your address. Once post office has delivered package it is customers responsibility to follow immediate proper storage procedures.

Storing your pine nuts up to 2 more months:

1) Make sure they can breathe. Place in bowl, paper bag, gunnysack bag, netted bag, or in something where they can receive good air-circulation.
2.) Store in cool, dry place! May need to be mixed every now and than to allow fresher air-circulation. For pine nuts that you may receive past January of any given season we recommend you freeze them, however, they should last fresh for several weeks upon receiving them from us.

1) Pack them in small zip-loc bags by drawing out all air. Vacuum-packed is best.
2.) Freeze immediately.
Note: The idea is to avoid as much as possible the instance of freezing and un-freezing this product repeatedly. The best way is to package (freeze) them in small amounts as your average recipe requires.

By you ordering this product you agree to the perishable warning above and to the return policy stated below.

- No Shell Pine Nuts:

These shelled pine nuts once received by you Must be kept in the freezer to preserve their freshness, taste and quality by putting them in zip-lock bags and drawing out as much air as possible. Vaccum packed is best. This product must always remain in freezer.

By you ordering this product you agree to the perishable warning above and to the return policy stated below.

Return, Refund and Exchange Policy:

- In Shell Pine Nuts:

Due to the fact that this is a food product (a perishable product) we can only except refunds/returns for in-store-credit or exchange (no cash refunds) if the package and product arrives damaged. Take photos and contact us immediately (within 24 hours of package arrival) for return instructions. Although not mentioned on our website, shipping is calculated into the equation when we determine price per pound. Therefore, IF a cash refund is granted we will not be liable to reimburse our shipping expense of any kind. In a rare occasion that we grant a refund asside from our NO CASH refund policy or if customer does not fully comply with all return/refund/exchange policy deadlines, customer must pay full return shipping at their own expense.

We strive to provide and ship only the finest and best tasting product available. All product is thoroughly screened, cleaned and sampled right before being packaged to insure we deliver only the best pine nuts. We ship out all packages within the Continental USA using United States Postal Service (USPS). Every package is shipped 2-3 day Priority Mail, which means that every package should arrive within 2-3 business days. Any delay is responsibility of Postal Service. We ship all products to arrive as soon as possible within reasonable expense to assure product does not spoil. Customer must follow proper storage procedures as mentioned on our website here immediately upon package arrival. If in the rare occasion your product were to arrive spoiled, customer has only 24 hours from arrival time to contact us and send us photos of the spoiled product in order for us to consider exchange or store credit. Any inquiries of the such received after 24 hours will be dealt with on a case by case basis with no guarantees for a refund or exchange, although we will attempt to be as fair and reasonable as possible. We will not tolerate those whom wish to deal unreasonably and file chargebacks without following all policies and term of condition of sale found on our website. All customers who have pre-ordered or ordered have agreed to all policies and terms mentioned herein and on products order page.

Returns cannot be accepted if product was purchased by accident or if you change your mind or if you feel the product was not the best you have ever eaten. Please make sure you are familiar with OUR products that you are purchasing. If you have never purchased from us we insist and recommend you place a sample size order before purchasing a larger quantity to become familiar with our product. We cannot refund a buyer just because they do not think our product is the best. Many people are accustomed to certain foods and flavors from other providers and our product is unlike anything of our competitors, therefore, it is the buyers responsibility to become familiar with the product they are buying.

Make certain to track the package and anticipate its arrival. If your package arrives damaged to where there is a hole in it or where pine nuts have spilled out or where pine nuts have been lost due to postal service please refuse package and or return it to post office immediately for refusal if package was left at your address. DO NOT OPEN PACKAGE if this is the case!!! Contact us Immediately so that together we and you (buyer) can file insurance claim with post office for reimbusement of product lost. If buyer does not follow these instructions within 24 hours we are not obligated to refund any amount and buyer is to be held responsible for any missing amount. We ship all products in good condition and good packaging. Postal company is responsible for damages done during transit. After product has left our hands we cannot be responsible beyond the degree of product quality. So long as customer abides by following their part of these policies and terms, WE will always assist in making things right if any of these misfortunes were to occur.

- No Shell (Shelled) Pine Nuts:

Due to this product being perishable and the fact that once the package has been opened we cannot resale it, therefore we cannot issue any refunds. We guarantee that your product will arrive in good condition, and only in the case that the package arrived torn or excessively (reasonably) damaged contaminating the product will we issue a refund. If the prior is the case you will have only 24 hours upon the products arrival at your address to contact us for an exchange. Make certain to track the package and anticipate its arrival. Please no refunds after 24 hours.

Small and Large Order Return/Refund/Exchange Policy:

Due to this product being perishable and the fact that once the product leaves our possession we cannot resale it due to reasons of common-trade (a food product that is returned cannot be resold due to safety procedures and concerns), we cannot be held responsible to any degree, once buyer has reviewed their shipment upon arrival for quality. Buyer will always have ONLY 24 hours from time of arrival to contact us with product quality concerns, using the most recent contact information found on our websites contact page. In NO instance or occasion can we be liable for a chargeback, refund or exchange if buyer orders small or large quantities at there choosing and does not follow according to our terms and policies herein, as well as those terms and policies found throughout our websites ordering pages. Although we provide all buyers with the best storage and keeping procedures and advice available, since the product is not in our care, we cannot take any responisibility, financial loss, or be means of bad publicity because of any or similar circumstance priorly mentioned. By ordering customer assumes all responsibility to care for product and holds seller blameless from any misfortune or product loss. Remember, this is a perishable product. Once 24 hour period has passed we cannot concern ourselves beyond logical, sensible and reasonable matters

Weight Policy:

Due to this product being perishable and a food product, it is common for product to lose weight from time that post office receives package to time of delivery. When product is left at room temperature for a few days or even a week it can lose a significant amount of weight as well. With this all in consideration we guarantee shipment weight based on the weight of package at time of postal office acceptance. Each package will show its certified scale weight on our receipt along with delivery confirmation. Postal weight will always out-rule any disputed weight when package arrives undamaged. Please note that we also weigh each package before sending to post office to insure customers received correct amount. If you feel your package is missing any amount please contact us immediately. Please be aware that home scales are not as accurate as certified scales and that we package and weigh each box with full weight amount combined. For Example: If you purchased 12 pounds and were to weight out each of the 12 pounds seperately on a kitchen scale, even if it weighed by the ounces, you may notice that it appears that you are missing quite a bit of ounces or even half a pound. However, if you wiegh the 12 pounds all together you will notice the weight change; the ounces will add back up (minus any reasonable weight loss during transit etc.)

Additional Postal Service Weight Notice:
USPS (United States Postal Service), our mail service carrier provider no prints the weight and stamps date of shipment with tracking confrimation on each package. Please be aware that any concerns with weight you may have can easily be verified by looking at the postal slip or stamp on your package in which you will find the certified scale weight of your package. If you find that there is an error, taking into consideration the packaging and wrapping weight and all the additional weight details we discuss herein, please contact us immediately with photos of package and package stamps/slips where weight is show so we can process your inquiry. At this time product must be untouched and full contents must be entact with package (meaning you cannot remove or eat any product from package) in order for us to consider your inquiry for reimbursement for missing quantities. If we are not contacted within 24 hours of product arrival at your shipping destination we are not required to consider your inquiry. Understand we have made the obvious very clear in all theres terms of conditions and policies. THIS is a perishable product!

This product naturally loses weight from the day of harvest to the day of delivery. It is common in the products nature to lose weight very quickly from the first days to first weeks of harvest. Straight from the forest products have a tendancy to lose up to 10% of there weight in just 1 week. Products that are sold around the beginnings of November (unless they are harvested and sold straight from the forest) have a tendancy to lose up to another 10% or more within 1-2 weeks of date of delivery. In general from date of harvest (normally September to October), product can lose from 35%-45% of its initial weight Christmas. Although many would say that product quality is based alot on moisture content and price should be based on quality, understand that due to this weight loss customer is actually getting more product for there dollar as the season progresses. Although, quality is very good and most flavor and nutrition is in the oil of the nut which is the majority of the content of the kernel.

100 % Satisfaction Policy for Pine Nuts and PiƱon:

100% satisfaction gurantee only applies to those customers who:
a.) Have either previously/initially personally ordered a small sample package to become acquainted with our product before placing larger order AND who have personally placed order prior within same season being satisfied with product. (In other words if customer purchased a sample package and did not like product, logically, why would they reorder a larger package. Also vise-versa, why would someone buy a big package if they had not previously sampled our companies quality, most especially since this is an expensive food and perishable product.) AND
b.) Receive there product at the address on file in the time frame as post office guarantees delivery. (In other words, so long as postal service shipping is on time as they guarantee, in which we can affirm our products quality will arrive in good condition. Otherwise, unless of course the package is delayed and stored imporperly for days at postal facility or sits in a PO Box for more than the total of 3-4 days since leaving our possession in which the likelyhood of the product spoiling is greater, which we cannot be responsible for.) If product is not delivered on time as postal office has guaranteed an inssurance claim can be made according to USPS policy in which we have no control. It is recommend that a total of 7 business days pass from date of shipment in order to file claims on an undelivered package. This is recommended solely because there is a good chance product will arrive by than and that the product will be in good edible condition. AND
c.) Notify us using the most current and correct email address found on our websites contact page. Notice must be made within 24 hours of package arrival regarding dissatisfaction (to a reasonable extent) of product. We reserve the right to refuse any claims of product dissatisfaction if we receive your inquiry after the 24 hour deadline. ONCE again, this is a perishable product, most especially if not stored properly. AND
d.) Once we receive inquiry and respond accordingly, they (customer) must respond promptly to every response we make to assure/confirm products condition and maintain its condition fresh as possible for any necessary returns/exchanges. Process of determining outcome will be governed by all terms and policies on our product ordering page, terms of conditions/sales page, this page, and all and any other terms and policies found on our website regarding our products.

100% satisfaction guarantee does not:
a.) Necessary mean we will refund customer. It means we will certainly exhange bad product if any occasion were to occur where product was bad on our end before being sent to buyer. However, customer must contact us immediately upon package delivery and after thoroughly tasting product and assure it is perished before contacting us of any claims. If cusomter fails to notify us within 24 hours of package delivery, even if customer was out of home for time period, in the rare occasion there product is not in satisfactory condition we cannot be held responsible due to customers lack of neglect. Product once arrived must immediately be opened and aired out and stored according to our storage instructions as mentioned on our website. Proper storage must be immediately followed as this is a food and perishable product. It is customers responsiblitiy to anticipate package(s) arrival and if not provided with a tracking number, to request one.
Signify that our product is the best and that the taste will be the best ever. It means that your product will arrive as fresh as possible, depending on the time of season, just as nature intended the product to preserve in its natural cycle of life. We do not freeze our products, we do not store our products in any unsanitary, unethical, unwise, or unreasonable way. Every good and natural step/measure is taken to assure our products are the best possible of their class in its current season and to prevent any unatural aging/molding or perishing of product. This food product naturally loses weight in time as its naturally drys out like most all food products. When aged many months this product will eventually dry out and harden, however, the flavor is very well preserved if not enhanced because of the naturaly dehydrating and concentration of oils (which give the most flavor) during this natural process. We have easily and repeatedly tested this and without freezing have kept product well over a year with amazing flavor. This product needs air ciculation in order to prevent molding. When frozen the bag needs to be vacuum sealed for best results.