The American Piñon has been harvested from as far back as the history of civilization within the mountainous slopes of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and even into the southern valleys of Chihuahua Mexico. These raw pinon, as well as the roasted pinon, are fresh and great tasting. Shelled pinon are tiny yet amazingly rich in flavor. The in shell raw pinon nuts are even richer in its natural oil, which provides a flavor beyond that of almost any other pinon or pine nut found in the world. The New Mexico pinon nuts are known around the globe as being one of the best tasting nuts and are highly sought out for there high fat content that does miracles for the body. This is why people who know anything about pine nuts or pinon do not hesitate to buy them when they crave them, simply because they are a healthy treat and super snack that provides outstanding health benefits when consumed in mild amounts.

The Shelled raw pinon nut contain less oil than the in shell pinon because the air and environment exposure causes the oils to evaporate much faster. It is understood by many health professionals that pinon oil or pignoli oil derived from fresh raw pinon nuts assist with a cleansing of the body that detoxifies the cells within us allowing purity and health to thrive more vitally about us. The word pinon is also pronounced pinion or piñon depending on the diversity of the surrounding culture, whether a tribal member or long lived local of the mountainous and tree field valleys. The many health benefits of either variety of pinon nuts, whether it be the in shell raw pinon or the fresh shelled raw pinon has already been researched and can be found throughout the web or in published articles.

Shelled pinon or no shell pinon nuts, as well as in shell pinon nuts are harvested throughout the Southwest states of the USA. This is where we get the “Southwest pinon” title, because these pinon can be referred to as either New Mexico Pinon nuts, Colorado Pinon nuts, Utah Pinon, Mexican Pinon nuts, and or Arizona Pinon nuts, all of which may be from a different species of tree but contain nearly identical physical, anatomical, and distinctive characteristic traits. We provide this popular commodity at affordable prices here with wholesale pinon to attract all cultures of pine nut and pinon nut diversities alike, whether you call them pine nuts, pinoli, pignoli, pinon, pinyon, pinion or even the Hispanic piñon nuts. We also look forward to providing in shell roasted pinon nuts and shelled roasted pinon nuts or also called no shell pinon nuts. As always we continue to improve methods to providing you top quality pinon as nature intended them to be, whether they be shelled or in shell.